November 1-3 at 7:30
November 4 at 2:30



Edward Bloom’s first kiss was a mermaid. As a teen, a witch showed him how he would die. His best friends are a giant named Karl and a werewolf named Amos. He met his wife at a circus and killed the villian Red Fang during a USO dance routine while in the military. He is a hero in all his stories. And now he’s settled down with his wife and raised his son Will, who has heard these stories so many times he’s sick and tired of them.

Now that Edward’s been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and with Will’s own child on the way, he is faced with trying to see beyond the stories and find out who his father truly is before it’s too late.

So come celebrate the crazy, bold, and bright life of Edward Bloom with us this spring! See you there!

Directed by Katie Hammes
Music Direction by Lauren Busa
Choreographed by Devereaux Merchant
Costumed by Laura Majore
Produced by Heidi Kerris
Stage Managed by Emily Hutchins

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