Auditions: October 14 from 6:30-8:30
Performances: December 20-21
Open to adults and kids ages 10+!

For more information on auditions, visit the google site by clicking here.

Come explore this unique opportunity to work with an old fashioned radio show script! Directors Robin LaCroix and Sharron April will be spearheading this awesome performance: Sharron is going to be working with a live sound effects team to create all the wonderful background sounds, from Jacob Marley’s chains to doors creaking,dishes rattling, horses passing by, and so much more. Robin will be working with the actors on annunciation and pacing, projecting emotion just through the words on the page, bringing those characters to life without the benefit of costumes, lighting and all the other stage trappings!

We will be performing this piece in the theater, blackbox style with a live audience and recording it for replay. No memorization is required – scripts will be displayed on stands – although certainly confident familiarity with the script will be encouraged.